Wheelchair Accessible Home in Chandler, AZ for Under $300K !!

Looking for A Beautiful Accessible Home in Chandler Arizona?


What makes this home Accessible?

  • Zero Grade Threshold at Entry
  • Roll-In Shower
  • Hard Floors (Tile)
  • Grab Bars
  • Raised Commode
  • Expanded Turning Radius in Bathroom
  • Exterior Curb Cuts
  • Wider Doors and Hallways
  • No Interior steps


This 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom is spacious at over 2600 square feet! Additionally,  the home sits on a a one-third acre cul-de-sac lot, for great outdoor enjoyment.

Very low HOA fees (under $300/year) and easy access to main roads and freeways, make this home a must see.

This single story home has upgrades throughout – bay window in the living room, kitchen island and pantry, sky lights, plant and pot shelves, upgraded appliances, and enormous 32′ x 12′ covered patio for the entertainer in you. Also: oversize RV gate and tall cover for your outdoors toys.


I f you would like to see this home, give me a call at (480) 980-8877 today.

What This Real Estate Agent Might Not Do For You

Dear Client,

We sat down and talked about the services that I can provide to assist you with your upcoming real estate transactions; but it appears that you’re unclear as to what this Real Estate Agent ISN’T:

  1. I am not a CPA, an IRS agent, or your tax advisor. There are usually tax consequences for the choices we make when buying a home. Or, at the least, financial implications of those choices. Is my money doing better if I buy as a cash buyer? Maybe. Should I finance? Maybe. It may depend on what other things your money does while you’re asleep. Is this or that deductible? Your CPA should know, I don’t read IRS Publications for a living. We should both be worried about what I don’t know in this area.
  2. I am not a home inspector. In my decade plus of real estate, I’ve been in thousands of homes more than you have. That doesn’t mean I can or should interpret why that appliance doesn’t work, what that water stain means, or whether that smudge is mold or not. Here’s the contact information for a number of home inspectors that I’ve used and rely on. No, they’re not free, but they have training and licensing I don’t. My guesses aren’t what you need.
  3. I am not a Prophet or Prognosticator. Edgar Cayce passed away in 1945, but you can try him anyway. Apparently that was his thing. Will prices and home valuations go up or down in the next decade that you said you plan to own the home? Yes, they will go up or down. Remember the recent “housing bubble” that even the experts misunderstood at the time? I’m not an economist, either (thank goodness). I’d love to paint you a rosie picture. But I’m not a painter either.
  4. I am not a School District Administrator. Although I’m a parent too, I can’t influence the hiring of teachers or the establishment of school curriculum. I know that the choice of school district is important to you. Do you still have the online links to school grading and evaluations that I gave you? No? I’ll resend. My personal experiences with School District A are just that. Personal.
  5. I am not a tour guide. Hopefully, we will enjoy the time we spend together identifying the perfect home for you. There’s much about the area and neighborhoods, and current real estate market conditions that we will discuss as we look at homes for you. Red flags to be aware of. I’m trained to make accurate assessments of what the market says is a fair price for the home you’ve decided to buy. I have resources available to me that non-agents don’t (it’s part of my overhead being in this business) so I’m likely to discover gems that you’ll miss using the national online real estate data bases. This is a cooperative effort so I love your imput. But that Zillow algorithm you’re using to set an offer price? No one is taking responsibilty for it’s accuracy, are they? By the way, that $4 million dollar home that you’ve always wanted to see, but is 10 times what you can afford – it’s not on today’s agenda. I probably won’t say this to you, but my time is valuable (so don’t waste it). If you want “to see how the other half lives” watch HGTV. On second thought? Don’t.
  6. I am not your bartender, hairdresser or clergyman. I really, really want your input and feedback regarding your home search. You’ve hired me with a purpose, remember? But convincing me that the world conspired against you and led to that short sale doesn’t help you. If that narrative makes a difference to a lender who can find the right loan product for you, fantastic! Let’s go for it! But it’s not really me you need to convince. Here’s a biggy for me: if you and your spouse don’t agree on this home buying adventure, aren’t on the same page with price or property, please don’t ask me to take sides with one of you. If I do, you’ll be having the same conversation with your next agent. And not because I left you.
  7. I am not your spouse’s cousin’s husband. Sometimes this process requires the disclosure of personal and financial information (the above observations notwithstanding). So while you’ll keep some degree of peace in the family working with him (you hope), do you really want to do it at the expense of having that smarmy little bugger giving you a “knowing smile” next year at Thanksgiving? He’ll never un-know what he found out. By the way,I already have commitments for Thanksgiving. I have relatives too, so I understand the pressures, but your best choice isn’t always the path of least resistance.

So let’s get back to doing what I do best: Finding you the perfect home, and assisting you through the transaction, and “having your back” at every step along the way.


Your Real Estate Agent

Nothing Dies on the Internet

Blogging in Perpetuity: Nothing Dies on the Internet

I was recently reminded of this when I received a phone call from an individual last week who came across a post I made (on a another blog I discontinued 3 years ago), about a federal housing subsidy program that was discontinued 5 years ago. Nothing Dies on the Internet. (except of course the money we spend on pay-per-click )

Realizing this Great Truth, I felt it Useful to Remind Myself that:

Not every idea we have is a good one.

Not everything we say is worth hearing.

Not everything we post or update to the Internet should be there. But like ball-point ink on those white summer slacks – it’s there forever. Wow, did I really say that?

Those pictures of your vacation, with your drinking Chardonnay out of the bottle may not have the positive effect on your friends and clients you might have liked. Venting your political frustrations at your opponents has a way of capturing a wider audience than you intended. Because Free Speech is a Guaranteed Right, doesn’t mean that a little thought and common sense shouldn’t be used in the free exercise thereof….

Because the internet is relatively anonymous, unreason sometimes trumps reason. It’s okay to be passionate, and for those of us in sales positions, passion is not only a plus, it’s what gets us up in the morning. Need to be angry, negative, sarcastic, or downright mean: chat rooms were made for you!

Blogging to build a following, create relationships with clients, prospects, fellow professionals, establish your chops, or educate? Remember: Nothing Dies on the Internet. Like the drunk who wakes up wondering what happened the last 15 hours, the thoughtless post is out there, in all probability, in Perpetuity. Can’t get it back. Even if you Delete or Erase – it’s there, on some server, waiting to give you an unpleasant surprise one day.

Or, in my case, a phone call from an angry individual who wants to use a long defunct funding program, because they only found it yesterday “on the Internet.”

What Is Title Insurance?

Title insurance provides coverage for certain losses due to defects in the title that, for the most part, occurred prior to your ownership. Title insurance protects against defects such as prior fraud or forgery that might go undetected until after closing and possibly jeopardize your ownership and investment.


Prior to the development of the title industry in the late 1800s, a homebuyer received a grantor’s warranty, attorney’s title opinion, or abstractor’s certificate as assurance of home ownership. The buyer relied on the financial integrity of the grantor, attorney, or abstractor for protection. Today, homebuyers look primarily to title insurance to provide this protection. Title Insurance companies are regulated by state statute. They are required to post financial guarantees to ensure that any claims will be paid in a timely fashion. They also must maintain their own “title plants” which house duplicates of recorded deeds, mortgages, plats, and other pertinent county property records.

Why is title insurance needed?

Title insurance insures Buyers against the risk that they did not acquire marketable title from the Seller. It is primarily designed to reduce risk or loss caused by defects in title from the past. A Loan Policy of Title Insurance protects the interest of the mortgage lender, while an Owner’s Policy protects the equity of you, the Buyer, for as long as you or your heirs (in certain policies) own the real property.

When is the premium due?

You pay for your Owner’s title insurance policy only once, at the close of escrow. Who pays for the Owner’s Policy and Loan Policy varies depending on local customs.

Moving to New Blog Site

Some of you have followed my blogs as The Mosaic Realty Group.

This blog will include many of the issues regarding the expansion of the knowledge and resource base of Real Estate for people with disabilities found there.

But really, the fundamental concerns of the broader Real Estate market need to be addressed too. No particular subset of Buyers or Sellers in immune from the tidal forces of the Market, the Economy, and Regulation.


These will be addressed, and explained – hopefully – in a manner devoid of institutional jargon. As my father might have said, “How about saying that again. And this time in simple English.”

This is the goal. If I wander to far from the path, I welcome remarks that will correct those shortcomings.

But enough for prefacing. Upward. Onward.


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